United Blogs of Benetton

Colourful label BENETTON have entered the Blogosphere with, “A network of local blogs, a global meeting place, an open window on the future.”

They’ve selected a group of top bloggers from all around the world to come together and write about Fashion, Technology, Youth & Culture and we are so excited that one of our favourite bloggers Kit Lee of Style Slicker is blogging for the United Kingdom (12 points).

We adore Kit! She takes amazing photos, is full of wonderful wit and has the cutest sense of style. And most importantly she is super lovely! We love what she’s posted already so click click click and check it out!

Click here to go to the: United Blogs of Benetton

And click here to see Kit Lee aka Style Slicker blogging for Benetton, UK.

Like Style Slicker on Facebook and Follow on Kit Lee onĀ Twitter.

Images Courtesy of Benetton and Kit Lee.

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