Documentary (Part 1) by Flyte on VEVO.

On the outskirts of East London one early morning in a teeny tiny coffee shop I met four guys, Will, Sam, Jon and Nick, collectively known as the band FLYTE. They were in need of coffee, overflowing with creative ideas and all sporting extremely mesmerising, flowy and / or wavy but definitely perfect hair. (They could front a major hair brand in a heartbeat – but that’s not their style). Soon enough I found myself working with them and have always shouted from the rooftops that they are four of the nicest guys in music, but also four of the most uniquely talented guys I’ve ever come across. Apart from being a music artist and songwriter, I often find myself describing lead singer Will, as a conductor, an auteur,  and a philosopher of music should there ever be such a thing.

At a time when the British music scene runs fast and furious, FLYTE haven’t paid attention to the ‘required’ release schedules and the seeming need to constantly put out music in order for new artists to get noticed. Instead they’ve spent their time touring and in the studio perfecting their sound and it’s been worth the wait.

Today, 25th August 2017 might be the date of release of their debut album, but their artistry is from another time and somewhat other worldly. Merge Francois Truffaut, Stanley Kubrik, maybe even a little Woody Allen, mix the style of seventies with the cinematic feel of the sixties and you might be able to taste a little flavour of the FLYTE asethetic.

The album is a thing of beauty. It was always going to be and I believe it’s something that is and will remain timeless. FLYTE harmonies are like no other, Archie, Marry Me is a huge choiresque song. I envision doves flying out of altars when I listen to it. I’d have it as a wedding song if my name was Archie, or if I was getting married. Faithless has always been one of my favourite tracks and I’m so glad it opens the album.

A four part documentary was made in Australia where FLYTE were recorded the album. Part one is in conversation with Burke Reid, producer of ‘The Loved Ones’ and gives you a little insight in to how the band create their music, and feed each other…

Four friends, making timeless music that looks as good as it sounds – what’s not to love.

Dear FLYTE, when it comes to ‘The Loved Ones’, one of my loved ones, my Dad, a musician in his own right and the harshest music critic I ever knew, would have loved this album. And that’s about the biggest compliment you can ever receive from me.

‘The Loved Ones’ is out now.  FLYTE play London’s Scala on September 19th. Get your tickets. I’ll see you there.

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