Yesterday I jumped on the train from London to be on the panel for the BRITISH STYLE COLLECTIVE. It was the first time the event had been hosted in Liverpool. As our driver dropped us off by the river (still in my train clothes on account of me having three hours sleep post celebrating one of my closest friend’s engagement…) I can honestly say I fell a little in love with Liverpool. The last time I did a talk in Liverpool I spent most of my time in the building so didn’t get to see much of the city. I never realised how much art there is and so many English Heritage listed buildings. It’s a beautiful city and it really was the perfect day.

We began by watching the show (the biggest fashion show in the UK) which was pretty out of this world and then headed over to the spectacular St George’s Hall for the panel discussions.


The panel was hosted by Antonia O’Brien and my co-panelists were Hilary Alexander, Alessandra Steinherr, Caryn Franklin, Henry Holland and Lydia Bright.


The first panel discussion was ‘Fashion Forum on Celebrity’ which I found super interesting. We all had different ideas of what ‘celebrity’ means to us. Antonia asked me if I found it difficult working with my big celebrity clients and my answer was, “No. My biggest clients – the actors – don’t see themselves as celebrities. So we get to build solid relationships and really work on their style and on their story. Whereas when you’re styling a model or a music artist there are at least half a dozen other people involved in just one outfit and one decision. My big acting clients are my favourite to work with because I feel like I’m telling their story on the red carpet. It’s more personal and thus feels more real.”

The second panel discussion was “Women Now on the Power of Fashion”. It’s so easy and cliched to say fashion is all about who you’re trying to feel like, or be in that moment. But it’s true isn’t it? And I guess for me I could’ve spent hours talking about this as it’s what my job is all about. There can be so many layers and facets to our own style. For me I never conciouslly new I was ever interested in fashion. I was always the odd one out at school wearing my Dad’s red leeather jacket from the 70s that he kept in the loft, and boy oh boy did I get picked on for it, but I guess without realising I never really cared or I would have changed how I dressed. On non school uniform days when everyone would wear jeans, I would wear a suit, crop top and braces (when it wasn’t on trend by the way). I loved ‘not’ confirming. So looking back I was all about fashion but I’m glad I was never aware of it. The one thing I know is that it is, and has to be all about you. Wear what makes you happy! I did – and look at what I’m doing now.


Thanks to the BRITISH STYLE COLLECTIVE for having me. I’m definitely booking a trip back to explore Liverpool a little longer soon. And the panel discussions were a real eye opener for me. They made me realise how much people don’t know and want to know about what I do in my job, be it from celebrity styling to working with music artists or models… So stay tuned. I’m going to start saying yes to lots more talks and am going to share more about my journey and what it all entails right here on AF.

Big thanks to @FitriaTjandra for the gorgeous shots. 

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Sabina Emrit is an international Fashion Editor and Celebrity Stylist. She has interviewed a host of key names in fashion including Anna Wintour, Alexandra Shulman, Mary Katrantzou, Cara Delevigne, Alexa Chung and Lana Del Rey. As a celebrity stylist and fashion consultant Sabina has worked with talent including Sir Ian McKellen, Andrew Scott, Freddie Flintoff MBE, David Harewood MBE, Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran), Marina and the Diamonds, Flo-Rida, Pixie Lott, Imogen Heap, Rudimental, Bastille, Clean Bandit, Conor Maynard.

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