I love having things that help boost my mood and encourage me to feel more motivated – especially when it’s so cold and grey outside… My fiancé spends a lot of time in LA for work and knows how much I love my candles and crystals and setting positive intentions, so when he came back with goodies from the House of Intuition it was a lovely surprise. Admittedly, I was also a little jealous as the Melrose store sounds pretty magical!

Their intention candles come in an abundance of themes and colours. William first gave me the ‘House Blessing’ candle which we did together. It was so special to create a home ritual – especially as he wasn’t always in to visualisation. If you’re watching Marie Kondo on Netflix, then I guess it could be deemed a little similar to her ‘speaking to and thanking the house’. I mean how often do you look around your home and thank it? I hear a lot of people complaining about their homes, but not always being grateful for a roof over their head and it’s something I try my best to practise daily, even if I’m running out of wardrobe space… 

My second candle from William was for ‘Success’. We both work for ourselves and he knows my definition of success is ever changing. I’ve worked hard on my career and thus have achieved my dreams and goals many times over – so it often means my idea of success can also get a little skewed as my goals grow in an ever changing creative industry. So this candle is something I wasn’t quite ready to light. But after a week of being ill, and with 2019 in full swing, I have so much coming up, alongside planning our wedding, that today felt like the perfect time to use my success candle. I chose to do this one with William too, as his success is just as important to me and to us as a couple.

What I love most is that there are little crystals hidden within the wax, so as they burn down, you find the cutest charms that you carry with you or keep amongst your things as a reminder of your intentions.

So if you ever find yourself in LA, pop in to the House of Intuition for your spiritual fix. I can’t wait to visit.

And remember, you can set intentions like this with your own candles and incense at any time. Just find or clear a space at home that makes you feel happy, give yourself some time, meditate and visualise what you want to achieve. For it’s actually all about the energy you give to fulfilling your own meaning of success.

Love, Sabina. x

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Sabina Emrit is an international Fashion Editor and Celebrity Stylist. She has interviewed a host of key names in fashion including Anna Wintour, Alexandra Shulman, Mary Katrantzou, Cara Delevigne, Alexa Chung and Lana Del Rey. As a celebrity stylist and fashion consultant Sabina has worked with talent including Sir Ian McKellen, Andrew Scott, Freddie Flintoff MBE, David Harewood MBE, Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran), Marina and the Diamonds, Flo-Rida, Pixie Lott, Imogen Heap, Rudimental, Bastille, Clean Bandit, Conor Maynard.

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