‘Transcending Boundaries’ is an incredible installation at London’s Pace Gallery. Some things are better left unsaid when it comes to art, for it’s all about the real life experience – but as this is a sold out show, I thought I’d share some iPhoneography from my very private view.

Three rooms. Lots of projectors. We became part of the art that evolved with the ‘user experience’. I had no idea until I saw some of these photos that the waterfall parted as I leant back to take a selfie. We kept wondering how the butterflies ‘knew’ to fly around us and then would fall apart like wilting petals when they flew upon us. It turns out, once they came in to contact with the body, they’d die. This first room – was magical and whimsical like a Disney parade combined with Fairy Godmother magic.

The second room ‘Dark Waves’ gave solace from the colours and playfulness of the first. Moody and meaningful –“expressing water as a living entity (and) suggesting an intrinsic connection with nature.”

When we entered the third room it seemed as if ‘nothing happened’. When two people came in to the room with us, after all of a minute, they looked around and said, “Is that it? Maybe the machines aren’t working,” and left. As a result they completely missed out on what came next… Because after we had stood still for a short while, patience being the key, flowers began to grow on us, as if we were trellises. It was rather spectacular, being a canvas for flower blossoms. I find that moment so reflective of our fast paced lives and instant expectations – the friends who missed the point, and the art because they couldn’t, wouldn’t give an empty space a few minutes.

A narrative of nowness, past and the notion of what next?

Pace London’s current installation is all about the experience and a wonderful one it was. I could’ve played with the butterflies and the waterfalls all day. And it doesn’t look bad on instagram either.


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