Summer is here, which means shedding your winter clothes for something much thinner and brighter to reflect the season. But don’t worry if you’re the type who likes to pair jackets with skirts, shirts, long sleeves, and everything in between. With a little strategic styling, you can still keep some of your winter clothes without suffering in the heat, in the name of fashion.

So, here are some tips to get you started.

Pick your layers

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Not all top layers have to come with sleeves. There are plenty of sleeveless clothes to wear on top of your outfits, like waistcoats, jumpers, and even sleeveless jackets. This sleeveless blazer from Acne Studios takes all the stress out of office dressing during the summer. Plus, wearing sleeveless clothes can be very versatile — easy to pair with anything, be it a button down or a plain t-shirt.

Wear structured tops

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Shoulder designs come in a lot of different varieties and permutations. They can be straight or concave, light or heavily padded, and finally soft or structured. Structured shoulders are usually characterised by a more angular sleeve-head built with roping or padding, which can exhibit a more sophisticated appearance. They’re also an excellent life hack to ensure that your blazers will hang off your shoulders, instead of hugging your body and adding to the warmth.

Opt for cotton

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We sweat a lot in dry heat, and cotton helps absorb sweat, in turn allowing our bodies to cool down. It’s a natural fibre that allows better air circulation by letting said air move freely through the fabric. Like any other type of fabric, cotton comes in lots of styles and colours. These lightweight jackets on Woman Within are also made from cotton, allowing you to stay comfortable during the hottest days of the year. Plus, they come with a hood to keep your head protected from the blistering sun.

Choose light-coloured clothes

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For this tip, we are going to trust science. According to an article on Wired, it recommends wearing light colours. This is because a white object reflects white light, and white light is a combination of all the visible colours. So, a white shirt, for instance, will reflect most of the light and won’t get hot. Meanwhile, dark colours tend to absorb the heat. The more heat that is absorbed, the hotter the clothing becomes (and by extension, the hotter you’ll feel). Light colours are different from bright colours – so make sure you pick light colours, the ones that are closest to white.

Create an illusion of layering

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Use colour and print blocking to create the illusion of “layers.” Even if it’s not exactly layering (and doesn’t feel like it), the overall look appears interesting. Plus, this look won’t require you to go heavy on the accessories either. In fact, celebrity stylist Sabina Emrit suggests going plain: “When it comes to layering print, [just] keep it simple,” she said in an interview. “Add an elegant timepiece and dainty jewellery — no need to over-complicate.”

Pair with open-back tops

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Again, another tip to add to your arsenal. Technically, sports bras and pullovers are clothes too (hello, athleisure!) so pairing them with nice open-back tops can help you stay ventilated. This grey rally tank on Carbon38 features a cheeky back cut-out to show off some of your coolest bras, or provide chic support for your open-back dresses.

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