Wow! 3 weeks later and I still can’t quite believe that the love of my life William proposed – in the most stunning setting of Iceland! The proposal involved lots of snow, a very cute planner and an amazing ring. I said yes – which means we’re engaged and we’re getting married!!

I had always intended to do a DESTINATION post about Iceland as so many people said it’s on their bucket list – but I had no idea what William had planned. So before that post I thought I better give it some context. We have both been so wonderfully blown away by the amount of congratulations and love and well wishes we’ve had, but I had no idea how much we’d be asked to retell our proposal story. Our family and our best friends know the finer details and so I figured I’d lay it all out here – and that way everyone who wants to know can know so I can go back to being on cloud 9.


How I became Mrs Harper to be…

My boyfriend and I (now a past tense) exchanged our Christmas presents at home in London this year. We decided that it was time to spend a Christmas together just the three of us – Plato included. I got a pair of blue suede Louboutin boots, a pair of sparkly Louboutin princess shoes, my 2018 Smythson journal and a new kitchen worktop. I mean what else could a girl ever want or need? I was, as always beyond spoilt. I opened my Christmas card and it read, “I’m taking you to Iceland to find the Northern Lights.” I was stunned! I had always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights and was completely overwhelmed. Especially since we had both said we would limit our holidays, start saving for an eventual LA move and just focus fully on work for 2018. So I really wasn’t expecting a getaway for our anniversary.

With Iceland booked, and the 2018 work ethic agreement in mind I packed my hard drive, my laptop and my diary – so that in the Icelandic down time I could sit in the stunning lounge of our hotel and do some work… Well, yeah, that never happened…

We landed on Wednesday the 17th of January, got a little lost on the way to the hotel (google maps does not take in to account mountains covered in snow that you do not under any circumstances drive over….), but the getting lost part was so much fun as we got to see the stunning terrain we were entering. By the time we got to the hotel, Iceland’s twilight had just ended, so we had an amazing meal, hot tubbed under the stars in minus 7 degrees with a bottle of champagne and watched a movie ahead of our first full day.

On the morning of the 18th of January 2018, our 7 year anniversary, my boyfriend, William had a relaxed list of places to see. (Now this should have been the giveaway – when it comes to holidays and itineraries, relaxed William is not… But I really liked this relaxed vibe and assumed it was due to Iceland’s daylight hours being so different). We had breakfast, looked out the windows A LOT as the sun rises slowly until 10.30am, and I almost didn’t even wash my hair as I figured I’d do my hair and dress up in the evening. However standing in the shower, I accidentally turned the lever too far clockwise and soaked my hair. I screamed, thinking uh-oh this is gonna mean I take even longer to get ready, but William said, “No worries, we’re not in a rush.” 

So hair dried and ready, we had coffee in the lounge, and everything in the world felt perfect and calm… It’s hard not to feel at peace when you’re in the most stunning place in the world with your best friend in the world.

We got in the car and drove. And as having not yet seen the bright morning light, it was incredible. Tones of white and blue all around us with the snow sparkling as if it were covered in diamonds, as we wound down the mountain, I realised that we had passed a huge lake to get to the hotel the night before. Of course we hadn’t been able to see it, but in the daylight, it was the most special place on Earth.

With London Grammar playing in the car, tears streamed down my cheeks. It was embarrassing as William held my hand and asked if I was ok. I replied, “Yep. This is just so perfect.”  I had genuinely never been happier.

We had agreed just to stop the car whenever we wanted. All the recommendations on Iceland were that some of the most stunning sites were off the grid, and so when William pulled over, I just figured it was because he was driving and wanted to take in the view that had made me so emotional.

He got out of the car and I almost didn’t get out, I thought he just wanted to see what I was seeing…

Now William is very private so wont want me sharing too much of his proposal…

But – he opened the door and willed me to come stand with him. So I did. Then he went to the boot, I thought he was getting the tripod out to take a photo but he presented me with a journal sized Smythson box, and said, “Something for our anniversary.” Now, I am a Smythson girl. I love my diaries. I have a Smythson passport cover. Countless notebooks. A jewellery case… I’m obsessed. But in that moment, I saw the box and thought, ‘I don’t really need another journal from Smythson right now…’ I opened the box and that’s when everything began to blur move in slow motion…

Inside was a white leather bound notebook and the first thing I saw was the embossed wording that read, ‘ Say I do’.  Ahhh how sweet I thought. Then I saw the descriptive tag that said, ‘Wedding Planner’, and thought Ahhh he’s thinking ahead to our future. And then, when I looked down and saw the embossed initials SH (William’s surname is Harper), I thought Huhhhhh???? And by the time I turned around, he was down on one knee, asking me to be his wife, with the most beautiful proposal, the most beautiful words, and the most amazing ring EVER!

I was in shock, said yes and then for the first time in my entire life – speechless. It truly was the most magical moment of our lives. Only my Mum (and Plato) knew. He had asked for her blessing and as he couldn’t ask my Dad, he placed a secret Emerald in my ring. Emeralds were my Dad’s birthstone and he loved them, so I was and am still so moved as he explained, “This way he’s part of it.” Just writing this makes me tear up as I couldn’t be more grateful that William has a connection with My Dad even though they never got to meet…

I was in shock for so long afterwards. I think I still am to be honest. We spent a long time just the two of us, with the snow and the lake. Oh and my ring. We didn’t realise there were horses just along the path so we hung out with them for a while too. Technically they were the first to know until some passers by stopped and took a couple of photos for us… We got in the car (our wifi enabled 4×4) and Facetimed our families and stayed within the National Park before deciding to go back to the hotel where we could just ‘be’ and drink a tonne of champagne and celebrate. It really was the most perfect day. I have the best memories. William is officially the most thoughtful and romantic guy in the world. And luckily for me – he’s now my fiancé and husband-to-be.


We’re engaged!!!! 

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